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This directive outlines a promotion by the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery (Bureau) that begins on February 04, 2014 and ends on October 2, 2017. During the promotional period, participants may access and play an interactive game through either a personal computer with an Internet connection or with a mobile device using the Michigan Lottery Wild Time mobile app. By submitting the unique Game Number and Validation Code sequence from eligible non-cash prize winning Wild Time instant game tickets, participants may access and play the interactive game for chances to win Players Club Reward Points or instant ticket coupons.

  1. Definitions
    1. Eligible Ticket – a non-cash prize winning ticket from any of the following games:

      • $5 game #739 - Wild Time Rocks! (added September 1, 2015)
    2. Game Number – the 3-digit number printed on the front and back of each instant game ticket.
    3. Interactive Game – the Internet and mobile-based game offered to participants in this promotion.
    4. Interactive Game Outcome the combination of Play Symbols and Multiplier Symbols revealed and the corresponding prize that is assigned to each Validation Code. There are twenty-one (21) possible Interactive Game Outcomes that result in a prize.
    5. Multiplier Symbols – means:

      Up to three (3) Multiplier Symbols will be revealed among the sixteen (16) Play Spots selected by a participant.
    6. Play Symbols means:

      One (1) Play Symbol will be revealed behind each of twenty-four (24) Play Spots in the play area.
    7. Play Spot – means each of twenty-four (24) positions in the Interactive Game play area behind which one (1) Play Symbol or Multiplier Symbol is hidden. Play Spots are arrayed in a grid pattern measuring four (4) columns by six (6) rows.
    8. PlayWildTime.com – the website created for this promotion that provides participants with all the functionality necessary to participate in the promotion from a personal computer.
    9. Reward Points – points assigned to an individual player with no cash value that are earned or accrued by participating in Bureau promotions as defined by the Commissioner.
    10. Validation Code – the unique and randomly assigned 8-digit number concealed beneath the scratch-off material of every ticket. A hyphen always appears between the third and fourth digits and the last five (5) digits are always underlined.
    11. Wild Time App - the mobile device application created for this promotion that provides participants with all the functionality necessary to participate in the promotion from a mobile device. The app is only compatible with Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from each device's respective online store.
  2. Promotion Description
    1. A participant can gain access and play the Interactive Game in any of the following ways:
      1. By accessing www.MichiganLottery.com via a personal computer and either logging into his or her existing Player’s Club account or by registering as a new member, and then selecting the hyperlink specifically developed for the purpose of accessing the Interactive Game.
      2. By accessing www.playwildtime.com via a personal computer and either logging into his or her existing Player’s Club account or by registering as a new member.
      3. By downloading and installing to an Apple or Android powered device the Wild Time App and either logging into his or her existing Player's Club account or by registering as a new member.
    2. A participant will be required to be a member of the Michigan Lottery's Player's Club and submit one (1) eligible Game Number-Validation Code sequence in order to access and play the Interactive Game. Each number sequence allows the participant to play the game one (1) time.
    3. Each Interactive Game Outcome is predetermined and governed by the Validation Code submitted by the participant.
    4. All Interactive Games that are interrupted can be replayed by selecting the Complete Previous Games menu option.
    5. Only Validation Codes found on Eligible Tickets will activate the Interactive game.
    6. Each eligible Game Number-Validation Code sequence has been pre-assigned one (1) Interactive Game Outcome and is good for one (1) Interactive Game play, regardless of the method used to access the game.
    7. Only the number of eligible Validation Codes submitted by the participant limits the number of Reward Points or instant game coupons he or she can win in this promotion.
    8. Each participant may view the Validation Codes that he or she has submitted and the history of the prizes he or she has won, if any, by viewing the Account History screen in the Wild Time app or by logging into his or her Player's Club account and accessing the appropriate page in the PlayWildTime.com promotional website.
    9. Participants may select a "Play For Fun" version of the interactive game. Membership in the Player's Club and a Validation Code is not required to access the "Play For Fun" version of the Interactive Game. Prizes are not awarded in this version of the game.
  3. Interactive Game Description
    1. The Interactive Game play area will consist of twenty-four (24) Play Spots arrayed in a grid pattern measuring four (4) columns by six (6) rows.
    2. Play begins by the participant tapping or clicking any one (1) of the twenty-four (24) Play Spots to reveal the Play Symbol or Multiplier Symbol hidden behind. The participant continues to select Play Spots in any order until a total of sixteen (16) have been revealed.
    3. After the participant reveals sixteen (16) Play Spots the game will conclude and any prizes won will be determined according to the following Prize Legend:
Play Symbol Quantity
Three (3) 10 Reward Points
Four (4) 50 Reward Points
Five (5) 100 Reward Points
Three (3) $1 Off Coupon
Four (4) $2 Off Coupon
Five (5) $3 Off Coupon
Six (6) $5 Off Coupon
Seven (7) $10 Off Coupon
Eight (8) $20 Off Coupon
Three (3) $100 Off Coupon
    1. Participants who reveal any of the winning outcomes described in Section 3(c) and one (1) or more Multiplier Symbols will receive a total prize amount equal to the prize value multiplied by the value of the highest Multiplier Symbol revealed.
    2. At the conclusion of each Interactive Game, a message will be displayed indicating that the game outcome resulted in either a non-winning experience or a prize winning experience along with the total prize amount associated with that outcome.
    3. At any time during the game, a participant may select the Auto Pick button. Selecting the Auto Pick button does not affect the Interactive Game outcome.
  1. Prizes and Determination of Prize Winners
    1. A total of 9,477,740 eligible Validation Codes will be produced in $5 game #739 – Wild Time Rocks! The Interactive Game Outcomes and associated prizes assigned to the Validation Codes found on these Eligible Tickets will be randomly distributed as follows:

      Interactive Game Prize Winners Per 9,477,740 Odds of Revealing This Outcome 1 in
      Play Symbols Highest Multiplier
      None 25 Reward Points 3,536,138 2.67
      50 Reward Points 1,515,488 6.23
      None 50 Reward Points 534,877 17.66
      100 Reward Points 59,430 158.97
      None 100 Reward Points 297,154 31.79
      None $1 Off Coupon 303,000 31.18
      $2 Off Coupon 263,610 35.84
      $3 Off Coupon 155,540 60.74
      $5 Off Coupon 44,116 214.16
      $10 Off Coupon 8,484 1,113.60
      $20 Off Coupon 4,294 2,200.22
      None $2 Off Coupon 175,740 53.76
      $10 Off Coupon 6,060 1,559.03
      $20 Off Coupon 3,476 2,717.99
      None $3 Off Coupon 127,260 74.24
      None $5 Off Coupon 34,662 272.57
      $10 Off Coupon 5,454 1,732.23
      None $10 Off Coupon 4,242 2,227.19
      $20 Off Coupon 2,930 3,224.48
      None $20 Off Coupon 2,930 3,224.48
      None $100 Off Coupon 908 10,405.00
      Overall 7,085,793 1.33
  2. Coupon Prizes
    1. Instant ticket coupons awarded in this promotion will be automatically sent to the prizewinner's email address on record in his or her Player's Club account. The coupon will be in an electronic format that is printable from the prizewinner's computer.
    2. Coupons are redeemable one (1) time only at any licensed Michigan Lottery instant games retailer and must be redeemed by the expiration date printed on the coupon.
    3. All coupons issued in this promotion will include an expiration date determined by the game number of the Eligible Ticket submitted that resulted in the coupon prize. Game numbers and corresponding expiration dates are:

      1. Game #739 - November 6, 2017
    4. All coupons issued in this promotion will include an Identification Code. The code will be located in the lower left corner of each coupon and will consist of 5-digits with a hyphen between the third and fourth digits.
    5. Identification Codes are determined by the coupon value and the game number of the Eligible Ticket submitted that resulted in the coupon prize. Identification codes are consolidated below.

      Coupon Value Game #739
      $1 Off 131-01
      $2 Off 142-05
      $3 Off 138-16
      $5 Off 138-23
      $10 Off 142-23
      $20 Off 141-29
      $100 Off 142-44
  3. Eligibility

    All participants must be a resident of the state of Michigan and a Michigan Lottery Player's Club member to be eligible for this promotion. An officer or employee of the Bureau or any spouse, child, brother, sister, or parent residing as a member of the same household in the principal place of abode of an officer or employee or a contractor or subcontractor of the Bureau is not eligible to participate in this promotion. Additionally, participation in the promotion must occur from within the boundaries of the state of Michigan. And, all participants must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  4. Promotion Duration
    1. Eligible Tickets from game #739 – Wild Time Rocks! may be submitted from September 1, 2015, through October 2, 2017. Wild Time Rocks! instant game tickets sold after the final entry deadline of October 2, 2017 will not be eligible for this promotion.
    2. Upon reasonable notice, the Commissioner may announce a change to this or any other promotion offered by the Bureau at any time.
  5. Governing Law
    1. All decisions made by the Commissioner including prize declaration and prize distribution are final and binding on every person making a claim.
    2. This promotion in no way alters the Bureau's other directives except as provided herein.
    3. This promotion is subject to Lottery rules, directives and state law and any prospective and uniform changes thereof.
  6. Disclaimer

    The only basis for a valid lottery claim is compliance with the lottery statute, lottery rules, and directives. No valid lottery claim may be premised on human, electronic, or other error in the communication, display or transmission of data, however recorded, displayed or transmitted. No valid lottery claim can be premised upon any intentional human, electronic or other form of communication or transmission of data, which has not been authorized by the lottery commissioner.

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